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Vote for Arthur!!! [18 Apr 2011|05:45pm]
 So, just in case anyone ever checks this, there is currently a contest underway to win a small role in the 10th anniversary audio edition of American Gods.

My husband Arthur has entered,  http://neilgaiman.bookperk.com/engine/Details.aspx?p=V&c=29933&s=7782243&i=1 and we would both REALLY appreciate it if you could vote for him! Feel free to listen first, of course, just hit the play button under his picture when you follow the link. I'm really proud of him. ^_^
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[15 May 2010|12:26am]
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[02 Apr 2009|10:54am]
This has been copied and pasted from Valkyriefire's journal. 

This is the information on Xast's wake and funeral, as I know it:

The family requests that we do not refer to him as Xast, rather, to call him by his birth name, Michael or Mike. Most of his family either doesn't know he preferred a different name, or believes it was a character he played in a LARP. Also, dressing up as if it were a con or a LARP game is not appropriate and would be upsetting to his family. Dress appropriate to a funeral, please.

Overall, just please remember to be respectful and realize that we will have our own space to mourn him in our own way. This is an event with mixed company, and should be treated as such.

The wake and funeral will take place at Forever Oak Hill Funeral Home and Cemetary. 10301 Big Bend Blvd, Kirkwood.

The wake is from 4-8 PM on Friday, April 3. The funeral is at 12:30 PM on Saturday.

PLEASE pass this on to anyone you know who knew Xast.

Also, if anyone knows of a central location where we could all meet up and have like a mini-con on Sunday.. I think that would be a fantastic tribute, and Mel would apprciate it very much. She ould really like to make that happen, so... ideas, please!
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[29 Mar 2009|05:29pm]
We'll miss you, XAST. I really hope you're enjoying wherever you are. 93 XAST.........93.
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For all those wondering.. [30 Sep 2008|12:18pm]
I am not quite sure about Archon. As of this moment our schedule still allows for it, but we are unsure if DragonWriter is pre-registered. I was fairly sure he had, but he cannot remember doing so. As long as nothing else pops up (Work-related) we will be there for at least one day. If we both have memberships, we'll stay. If it's only I, well, since I won it, didn't pay for it, it's not losing money to not use it. And the money to get another pass can be put to better uses at the moment. So, in the event I'm only there for one day and don't get to see you, whoever you are, I do/will regret it, as I miss you all.
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... [23 Jul 2008|06:39pm]
Not sure what to say, really. I'm not feeling to well, so although I know a lot of you are waiting for actual news from me, I'm sorry to say you'll have to wait a bit longer. I'm okay though, or will be, at any rate. ^_~
The latest book by Steven Brust is out. Jhegaala. You should read it, though is you are unfamiliar with the Jhereg series, you should perhaps start with Jhereg, or Taltos, first. 
Then again, with his style of writing, it shouldn't matter too much.

And now, the reason for both this impromptu post, and why I'm unsure what to say;
Voltron. The Movie. 2010.
Among many other problems I have....... Keith is more 'Han Solo'-y than is, say, Lance..
And Lance is.... black.
Here's one of the places I found info. Feel free to look it up yourselves, there's no 'official' stuff on imdb or anything yet, so.... here's hoping.

....Lance is not a black new york cabbie, damnit.
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[18 Jan 2008|09:17pm]
Wow. I'm home now, have been since about 7pm Wednesday.  I'm more or less  awake, so I wanted to take  a moment to let everyone know I'm fine. I'm awesome, actually. Ignoring the pain of DOOM, I'm beyond words as far as the stretch of my awesomosity goes.

I was feeling somewhat odd at 1 am Sunday when I typed my last post, but nothing that stood out enough. I was /hopeful/, but figured I was just feeling blah. About 4:30 I had the very very beginnings of contractions. 5:45 I called the hospital to ask how to tell if it was Braxton Hicks, false labor, or the real deal. Arthur stopped to fill the gas tank after work, so he didn't arrive home until 6:30. When he got here I was lying on our bed with pen and paper, timing contractions. I figured I had to be doing it wrong, as when I called the nurse, they seemed to be six minutes apart and were now four minutes apart, and seeming to grow closer. Arthur had been home just over ten minutes when my water broke in a very obvious 'Hey, stupid, get moving!!' manner. We reached the hospital about 7:15. Another woman in labor walked in about 2 minutes before I had, and at some point right around then or soon after I got there, they found out they had to do a C-section on someone. That sucked, because I, having no pain killers in my system, kinda hurt a bit. I demanded relief at some point, not sure on the time. They checked me and said that I was dilated to four centimeters, so, yeah, they would call the Anesthesiologist. ....Oh, um, he's in with the C-Section.... uh...he'll be here....'soon'.
So that was fun. When he finally arrived at 9:30 (Not very long afterword, but eons to me at the time) I was told I had to be absolutely still. Hah. I //really// was trying. Concerned, they checked me again while he was setting up, and discovered, Tah-DAH!, I was at eight. And quickly progressing. It took him about twenty minutes before I had that epidural. He finished right before ten. Speaking of ten....... can you guess how far dilated I was? Can you guess where the Doctor was?? That's right! I was at ten centimeters, and the Doctor was finishing that blasted C-Section. So I was told not to push, but to pant. Just pant. No pushing until the Doctor arrives. SO easy for them to say, but Lucian was a very determined little boy. It took everything I didn't know I had to hold him in. When the Doctor ///FINALLY/// got there he /barely/ had time to give me the episiotomy.

At 10:22 am, not quite five minutes after the Doctor arrived, I gave birth to Lucian Michael Emrys Payton. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 6.3 ounces, and was 20 inches long. His Apgar score at one minute was eight, and at five minutes, nine. He has a full head of dark hair, and, yeah. I'll try to figure out how to post pictures.

....Wow. I did ///what///??
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[14 Jan 2008|12:59am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey. Just thought I'd let you all know that, no, I did not neglect to inform anyone about the birth.
Apparently Lucian decided to take after both of us in our stubborness, to the point that induction has finally been schedueled for Tuesday evening, at 5pm. In theory our little baby boy will be born sometime Wednesday morning, January 16th. I'm rather hoping he'll be born at some point before that on his own, but as time progresses that's becoming less and less probable.

Katie, sweetie, thankyou so much for calling! If I can I'll return your call tomorrow, (Monday) but it was about 9pm when I saw you'd called.
I'd slept most of the day today, I've been very tired lately. Go figure.

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[20 Dec 2007|10:53am]
Taken from Bakadragon-
taken from </a></b></a>kukla_tko:
Taken from </a></b></a>arkhamrefugee:
So here's the deal. I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. I read your journals, or we have something else in common, and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me, and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...they enjoy the savory aroma of monkey brains a la mode."

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

</a></b></a>arkhamrefugee also says: "Bollocks to that last part. I don't believe in forcing anyone to post anything in their journal. Participate if you want."

</a></b></a>kukla_tko:My addition is this: MOST of you, the overwhelming majority, are people I know IRL. However, I am still curious about my friends. I am very curious about those of you who know me only through this medium (and there are a precious few of you on here...)
Post something real about yourself, please!

Bakadragon had no additions, and I say:
I likes teh monkeys.

Also, because a number of my friends have posted this, I am going to make a few comments about myself right here, so that a) I don't have to type it out several times, and b) people that don't read their journals can see whats I puts. You know, should they want to. That whole curiousity thing.

I don't know how to sew. Not really. I am terrific at pulling things out of dimensional pockets at the last moment, but if anything ever came down to my being able to elegantly stitch something together, pattern or no, on my own? Epic fail. The few things I have truly SEWN I had major help and guidance on. On my own I can maybe whip-stitch a hole shut, and for the MOST part I can sew a straight(ish) line on a machine. But I only had a lesson when I was like, 12, and patterns confuse the heck out of me, get me very confused very quickly, and I decide it's just not worth it.
I can make PRETTY, PRETTY things. They just won't last very long at all, and I'll never win workmanship.
But I look awesome, so that's win, right? ^_^;

I get most of my costumey bits from thrift stores and things, sometimes holding onto a piece for YEARS before I find the project it was meant for. It all falls into place eventually.

Up until 7th grade, only my mother, brother, and a select VERY patient people could understand what I was saying. Then the speech therapy finally made a bit of difference.
When I was even younger, I was in therapy to learn how to swallow, and to place my tounge correctly. O.o;
It helped for the most part, though up to this day I still have problems swallowing at times, and I aspirate occasionally. I have scared the holy CRAP out of a few people because of that.

Aaaand one more-
When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a vet. I wanted to be a LOT of things, but a vet was one of them.
At the age of 12, however, I had to make the choice to put my best and only friend (A Sheltie named Rusty) to sleep. He was very, VERY sick, and it was left up to me, I kid you not, to 'Take him in now and have him put down, or let him suffer through the night and do it in the morning.'  I still miss him. I never left his side, and it was something I can't ever forget. When I took a summer class later on, still thinking I wanted to be a vet, I discovered that they give shots the same way they put an animal to sleep; winding the little rubber bit around the paw, then using the needle, and I excused myself. I couldn't handle it. So I decided to just help animals in my own way, and leave the big stuff to those who don't need sleep at night.

There. Hopefully there was at least one ya didn't know. =P
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Christmas and stuff. [19 Dec 2007|05:49am]
For those wanting my address-

Anita Payton
23162  Audrain Road 812
Mexico, Mo 65265 

I very much would like to see some of you, but I'm so very very far along with the pregnancy right now, driving into St. Louis is something that should be avoided..  
Le sigh.
If anyone wants to come out here, nummies will most certainly be provided.  But no suprise visits, you should definately call first, since I may be in the hospital at any given point now.  (Yay....)

Speaking of which. If anyone knows of any safe way to induce labor..... 
Just kidding.
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@_@ [09 Nov 2007|01:27am]

I am very very pissed off. VERY PISSED off. I just had a super fucking long post typed and for some reason as I continued to type the browser went back a page. The above subject line was the original. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GONE. I could curse again here, but...... I'm just mad.
Basically, thank you to the 2 other than Mandi, my mom and sister, and Bubblehead for coming to my shower. (The last 3 threw it, so... yea. 3 guests total, not bad for my record, but I wish I had more friends.)
I also thanked those of you who had stuff come up, but let me know. I understand you couldn't make it, and you were so missed.
And I went on a lot thanking Katie.
YAY KATIE! Not going to repeat it all, just that I was sorry neither of us has been able to make it to either's parties/gatherings lately, but that I was very grateful, and..... CUTEST DRAGON OUTFIT EVAR!!!!11!!1 So...thanks. 

Also, and this was a big thing, I have been prescribed.......a belly sling. O.o;  Aka belly/maternity belt. Now I know how tiny I look, in fact, I SERIOUSLY doubted this thing was going to help at ALL because there's no belly to lift.....but luckily it does. A LOT. To summerize-

I had a Dr.'s app. Friday at 3. It was good. I had been having some pains that I was certain were related to pressure on my sciatic nerve, but said nothing because I knew I would be waved off. It was nothing serious, just discomfort, and sometimes pain in my back and legs. I've also been having pretty bad charlie horses.  Just a few minutes after 5pm, (Of course 5, that's when the Dr. goes home... ~_~ ) I fell in the walmart. I was perfectly fine, and suddenly a SEARING pain shot through my right leg, on the inside, right where it meets the trunk of my body.  This continued the entire weekend. Monday the Dr.'s office said I was right, it was because I'm carrying in my back, and told me to go get a belt. Pains continued and worsened until the ordered belt came in and was picked up today. I had two small pains while wearing it, but none that dropped me. When the big pains hit, my leg just wobbles/buckles underneath me, and down I go.  So... yay for the belt. I like not falling.

I think I was originally going to say more, but having to rewrite everything blanked my mind on it.

Oooh. TY for those who wished me a happy birthday. ^_^ That helped.

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Baby shower! [02 Nov 2007|10:23pm]

One last time, the baby shower is tomorrow at noon. ^_^  Please call me at 636  3592  868  if you need last minute directions or anything.

And remember, Sherpa_Sherpa is offering carpooling to people, and I think has room for two more people, so do call me or post here or on her latest LJ post if you would like a ride.

Obviously, anyone on my Flist is more than welcome, and it's more than likely anyone not on it is as well, as I don't know a lot of people's ljs....  ^_^;;;
You all are lucky I post as oft as I do., much less keep up with other lj features and such. ^_~

Yay!! You get to see my belly! Biggest I've ever been. I weigh 122.6 pounds as of this afternoon. And baby and I are both perfectly on track. I've been gaining around a pound a week as of late, which is perfect, because in theory, so has Lucian.  The thought of the general public seems to be that I do NOT look eight months pregnant, but as we all know FAR too well, the general public is generally comprised of idiots.

Proportionately, I most certainly do look that preganant, as I'm sure you all will agree. You know how tiny I was beforehand. ^_~

Aaaand...stuff. I'm excited, and very much looking forward to this. More than I am to my birthday. Heh.  But that's okay, 'cause this is kinda sneaking in and taking it's place. Take that, birthday. =P

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[29 Oct 2007|03:40am]
Hey, guys. As I said in my last post, the baby shower will be at my mom's (Where the wedding was) on Sat., Nov. 3rd.
May I please have a head count from those of you my mother has been unable to get a direct hold of? She would like to know how many can make it.
Also, (And this is very very me looking at you, Michelle...) Anyone from St. Louis need a ride out, or wanna carpool??  My friend Sherpa has offered to help out, but you need to speak up and say something.
Thanks guys..
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Various news updates.. [19 Oct 2007|12:10am]

Wheee! So, I'm 7 months preggers now, and as of the 16th, weigh 120.5 pounds. Holy crap.

 I had another tooth pulled yesterday. Not fun, but it made the pain go away, so...yay. Turns out I am FULLY COVERED for dental under MC+.  **twitch** I find this out two days ago. It's safest to do dental work in the 2nd trimester. NOT the 3rd. Sigh. I'm going to see about trying to get stuff done right after the birth, though.

The baby shower has been scheduled for noon at my mother's on November 3rd, a Saturday. Mom lives in Jonesburg, that's where the wedding was held. Don't forget you can carpool, guys..

Also, not only will we be attending Kukla's Goblin Ball this saturday, (Please see her LJ for details..) but we will be helping BakaDragon out with the Spirit modeling thing at the Mills earlier that day! Yay! ^_^  So try to come to at least one of those events, (If you're not going to help model, just come hang out with us, silly. No one said ya had to help. I just wanna visit. ^_^ ) 'cause I miss you guys, and if you don't see me Saturday, or at the baby shower, chances are you won't see me until Archon, even. =(  I can't see making any christmas-y get-togethers as I should be in labor sometime between the middle of December and the very start of January... Just not a good idea. ^_~

And lastly, I was asked by three people so far to register at www.target.com or something so they might know what to get me. Only one of them has LJ, but I figured I'd state that I've registered anyway. It's time-consuming and irritating as heck, and the pages load very slowly for me, so, meh. It's not a complete list of what I need and or don't have, but it'll do. And ignore the prices of things. I want things that are reasonable, they don't have to be all shiny and fancy, what's in my registry thing is ideas/suggestions.
Second-hand things are more than okay with me.

As far as big things go, I do have a crib, but lack a bassinet or co-sleeper. I would REALLY like one. In theory, I have a changing table as well, but I won't know for sure until next week. Otherwise, I just need practical things. Crib sheets, crib pads, a bumper. I have some cloth diapers, but no plastic-y covers for them.
And honestly, should you be out at a thrift shop looking for costume-y stuff or something and see crib sheets in good shape for little cost, cool. GREAT. Saves me the looking.

Thanks, guys.  I miss you. Please try to see me saturday? I'll give extra hugs.

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Possible Shower Dates... [06 Oct 2007|11:08pm]

Hey guys. 
Mom wants to know if the greater majority of people could/would attend on the last sat. of Oct., (The 27th) or on the first sat. of Nov. (The 3rd) ?  
I already told her I was sure it would be the 3rd, but thought I'd double check. The time either way would most likely be around noon, and it looks like it may have to be at my mother's, (In Jonesburg) but it may be at Bubblehead's in St. Charles, if possible. 
I may know the location as early as tomorrow. 
Thanks for the input.....

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Really? No-one else? [28 Sep 2007|04:21am]
No one else wants an invite to my baby shower?  I'm giving the list to my mom later today, so please, let me know...  please?  
You don't have to buy/bring me anything, you know.  I would really be so happy just to see people.

Thank you very much to those who did respond, though! ^_^ You should either get a call or an invite in the mail within a few days.
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[27 Sep 2007|04:14am]
If there is someone that you miss dearly, for any reason, post this exact sentence in your journal.
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Baby shower!!!!!! [26 Sep 2007|07:52am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So, apparently my mother and Bubble-head have conspired together, and would like to throw me a baby shower. ^_^
They would have kept it a secret, but need addresses, or numbers, at least, of people to invite.  So.  If you'd like to be invited to my baby shower, please comment with your contact info so I can give it to them and they can go back to the whole secret planning thing...  O.o;;

Also, she wasn't sure of location yet. I suggested possibly just a short, relaxed party that could be held at an eating establishment, like so many people do with birthdays.  That way no one should have to drive /too/ far out of their way.  Though it only took Jenny and Josh about an hour and a half to get to my house..

Comments will, of course, be screened.

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Going stir-crazy.. [21 Sep 2007|02:11am]
Right, so things are going alright, but...... 

If'n the hubby says all is cool when he gets home in the morn', (Which I'm figuring he will.) Anyone doing nothing this weekend and wanna head out here (And see mah new house!!) friday night/saturday? 
I'm makin' fudge, if people come I'll make more nummies including dinner ('Prolly chicken something but if anything is brought I'll happily make it, too, I just only have chicken on hand.)  aaaand I've been reading (Re-reading) Geebas on parade, so even though I'm in no condition to beat things with sticks (It's a boy, btw) If anyone else wants to beat each other up, I have an acre for you to do it on... ^_^;;;;  And I can improvise a LARP.  Otherwise, tabletop, anyone?? Hmmm??   Arthur or I will run, unless anyone really wants to, which would be neat 'cause then Arthur and I can both be pcs, yaaay!\
(We have plenty of crash space, including a couch, hammock, and futon!)

....Yeah, I'm totally babbling.  But really, I would not only love company, I need it, please.  I know it's more than last minute, but maybe next weekend?    Also, is anyone going to Pirate Fest, and is that this weekend or next??

Even if you can't make it today/tomorrow, PLEASE let me know if you can make any weekend soonish.   I had no bridal shower or party or anything, and no one will throw me a baby shower either, I know.  I haven't had a housewarming party, and I'd like to just have a big shindig, not to get presents, but to see my friends.  That's a present I really need right now. ^_^;;  I'll make lovely treats and everything!

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Arrrr! [19 Sep 2007|01:13am]
Don't forget to speak properly today, mates!

I shouldn't be havin' to remind yas of it's bein' National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

.....Ya landlubbin' slackers!
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